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California woman faces drunk driving charges related to accident

A woman has been placed under arrest in relation to a motor vehicle accident. She has been charged with felony drunk driving after police found her vehicle crashed and both her and her passenger injured. The prosecuting attorney will need to prove the woman, a California resident, was intoxicated at the time of the accident in order to convict her on the charges. 

Drunk driving and murder charges for California woman

It can be good fun to enjoy a few adult beverages at a party, but the light-hearted evening can become deadly serious if a motor vehicle accident ensues. A California woman is learning exactly this lesson as she faces drunk driving charges stemming from an incident that occurred last year. Unfortunately, her passenger died as a result of a crash, and she is facing serious charges that have been increased to include murder. 

Drunk driving: Rules for DUI tests in California

A viral video in the news has brought the subject of field sobriety tests to forefront of some people's minds. A police officer clashed with a hospital nurse, demanding to test the blood of an unconscious patient who was neither under arrest or the subject of a warrant. The nurse held her ground, repeating hospital policy, and the incident ended when the police officer forcefully arrested her. So, what are the rules for tests in California when a person is suspected of drunk driving? 

Drunk driving charges for California man found in car

A lengthy history of prior charges may make it more difficult for one man to defend his case. In a recent incident in California, a man was arrested for drunk driving when he was allegedly found passed out in his car. The charges follow a series of similar court cases for the man. The August 15 incident was covered in a recent news article that offered only a few details about the man and the arrest. 

California teen arrested for drunk driving after accident

A teen girl is facing charges following a sensational accident. News of the accident, which resulted in the death of her sister, became viral because she livestreamed the incident on Instagram. A recent news story gives more detail on the charges and of the incident that happened in California. 

Drunk driving incident in California kills active duty Marine

There are often several elements at play during an accident. Authorities investigate motor vehicle accidents to determine fault, but there is no guarantee that the answer will be cut and dried. A person who may have been driving under the influence could potentially meet up with sometime who is also driving drunk or who is driving recklessly. That's why the investigation of the facts are so important in any criminal case. Authorities are investigating a drunk driving incident in California to determine exactly what happened.

Drunk driving alleged in California vehicle accident

Are drivers prepared to defend themselves if charged with a crime? There are resources available to help people when they suddenly need to prepare a criminal defense. The consequences of drunk driving charges can interfere with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In California, a recent news story tells the story of a man facing criminal charges as a result of an alleged drunk driving accident. 

Passenger killed in suspected drunk driving crash in California

Driving under the influence of alcohol can cause serious consequences, especially if other people are involved. An allegation of drunk driving can bring charges of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and felony driving under the influence, amongst other charges. This week, a man was killed in an alleged drunk driving incident that happened in California. 

Didn't expect drunk driving charges to be part of spring break?

It's the time of year in California and throughout the nation when college students and families converge upon various popular vacation spots to enjoy spring break. Taking time away from studies and work, as well as the mundane routines of everyday life, restores and refreshes people and gives them opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Things don't always go so smoothly for some travelers, however, especially if their recreation includes alcoholic beverages prior to driving motor vehicles. In those circumstances, drunk driving charges may be an unexpected reality. 

Is it drunk driving if you get behind the wheel after one drink?

If you are age 21 or older and plan to operate a motor vehicle in California, you'll likely want to familiarize yourself with state traffic laws. Anyone who consumes alcohol then drives will definitely want to learn about drunk driving laws in this state before doing so. Those under age 21 are strictly prohibited from consuming any form of alcohol before driving, including products that contain it, such as most cough medicines or some prescription medications.

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