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2 California men arrested on drug charges

Four individuals were indicted for crimes during a weekend drug bust. The police raid returned a significant amount of drugs and led to the arrest of four people on July 29. Two of those arrests were for drug charges, and the other two were for lesser offenses. A recent news story provides more details on the arrests and seizure in California. 

Drug charges for California bake sale bandit

A counterfeit bill hustle was apparently undone by high school students, a recent news story reports. A woman was arrested on charges of forgery and possession of methamphetamine and heroin for sales at her home. The forgery and drug charges are adding up to potentially serious consequences for the California woman, who is likely preparing a criminal defense. 

Drug charges for man in San Luis Obispo

It is important to remember that in this country, people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Although the initial story about an alleged crime may seem to have the facts signed, sealed and delivered, many times, a closer look will uncover new revelations about a case. A man facing theft and drug charges in San Luis Obispo is likely preparing to tell his side of the tale, as covered in a recent news story. 

Indictment expected regarding recent federal drug charges

Most likely unbeknown to airline passengers in the vicinity, a California airport was the recent site of a federal drug investigation. Federal agents were apparently staked out at the airport, awaiting a particular plane. They reportedly received word of a bulk shipment of currency, expected on a flight set to travel from California to another state. The situation resulted in serious drug charges, and an indictment is expected in the near future.

Facing drug charges can ruin spring break in California

It's that time of year when many college students put away their books and take road trips to the nearest beaches in California for some fun in the sun on spring break. The nation's coastlines fill up quickly with young people who are happy to be celebrating a little time away from school. Parties carry on all through the night, and sometimes party-goers wind up getting pulled over for DUI or facing drug charges or other criminal offenses.

California man arrested on drug charges

While most people in the United States are aware that they have multiple rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution, they may not be completely aware of the variety of different protections that the document provides. For example, it protects people in the country from unreasonable searches and seizures. One California man may be wondering if his rights were violated now that he faces drug charges stemming from a traffic stop.

California woman faces manslaughter, drug charges

Those who take care of patients who know they are dying have difficult jobs. While providing medical care, they often establish a relationship with their patients and grieve for them upon their death. Unfortunately, one woman in California who worked in such a position has recently been arrested on manslaughter and drug charges.

California police officer faces several drug charges

It often seems that it is easier for most people to believe the worst of a person, based on the smallest piece of information, rather than giving someone the benefit of a doubt. Unfortunately, an investigation against a California police officer was sparked after investigators claim they spotted him in an area that allegedly has a high prostitution rate, although it is unclear if they observed illegal activities. The reports initiated an investigation that has since resulted in the man's arrest on drug charges.

How will Prop 64 affect people with past marijuana convictions?

The countdown to the election is in its final days. On November 8, voters in California will have the opportunity to vote for the legalization of marijuana via a ballot measure entitled Proposition 64. Although small amounts of marijuana are already decriminalized in the state, half a million people have still been arrested for marijuana-related crimes since 2006.

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