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Teenager arrested on suspicion of multiple burglaries

Law enforcement officers with the San Jose Police Department announced they have arrested a 19-year-old San Jose man for his suspected involvement in as many as 20 residential burglaries in the area. San Jose police arrested him on Dec. 10.

California changes laws about crack cocaine

California law will no longer make a distinction between crack cocaine and powdered cocaine. On Sept. 28, the California Fair Sentencing Act was signed into law, making the minimum sentence for crack cocaine possession equal to the minimum sentence for powdered cocaine possession. Previously, a person who was found in possession of crack cocaine would face a minimum sentence of three years in prison without any eligibility for parole.

Drug trafficking charges against California motorcyclists

Members of a motorcycle gang have been indicted on charges related to the possession and distribution of methamphetamine. The Department of Justice has identified the organization as an outlaw gang in a news release. A Rio Linda man and two Sacramento men have been charged with conspiracy to distribute, possession with intent to distribute, and actual distribution of methamphetamine. Three additional Sacramento men were charged with distribution of the substance.

Man with medical condition taken into police custody

A man with multiple sclerosis was taken into custody by California Highway Patrol on July 22. According to officers, the man was stopped while walking on the freeway. Officers stated that the man reportedly smelled of alcohol. The man was offered multiple rides to a safe location by CHP officers, but he allegedly walked away after refusing the offers. Officers tried to take the man into custody, but he reportedly resisted.

California councilman charged with meth possession

A city councilman from Perris has been detained on charges related to his alleged possession and use of methamphetamine, authorities reported on June 24. Officers of the Perris Police Department reportedly detained the man that morning at a hotel in the 500 block of Redlands Boulevard in the small southern California city. According to the hotel staff, the councilman had appeared in the lobby and asked for the police to be called in regards to a theft. When the staff informed him that they could not do so, he instead called the police himself.

Recent stabbing death: Was it murder or self defense?

A term commonly used in the criminal justice system is "mens rea," which is Latin for "guilty mind." Some acts are only considered criminal if the person committing them acted with malice or criminal intent. For example, there is a big difference between premeditated murder and accidentally killing someone in self defense. A 35-year-old Michigan woman is facing the very serious charge of second-degree murder. A conviction would mean a total overhaul to not only her life, but also the lives of her three children. And while how this case will turn out is still unknown, as it was recently just announced that she will stand trial, there is still much that can be learned from her case.

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