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33 postal workers likely pondering criminal defense after arrests

Millions of Americans across the country depend on postal workers to pick up and deliver important mail everyday. Unfortunately, federal prosecutors in California claim that some postal workers have committed crimes related to their jobs. In fact, over 30 people have recently been charged with federal crimes and are likely wondering what decisions they should make in regards to their criminal defense.

3 ways lawyers tell a defendant's story in court

During criminal court proceedings, the prosecution will try to prove that the defendant is guilty of specific criminal acts by submitting facts, evidence and their version of what happened to the court. The prosecution's version of the story will usually be crafted in a way that makes the defendant look uncaring and inhumane.

Criminal defense: 4 accused of California kidnapping

An individual person comes into contact with a variety of different people throughout his or her life. Many of these contacts are relatively insignificant, such as the cashier at the grocery store or a landlord who the person writes a check to but may otherwise have few interactions. However, these relationships can be meaningful, especially if a crime occurs; anyone who has come into contact with a victim could be a suspect and investigated regardless of the tenuousness of the relationship. One of the four people accused of kidnapping a woman in California is said to have an unknown relationship with the victim and lived in a building owned by the victim's son. The four people facing charges are likely now left determining how they will proceed with their criminal defense.

California criminal defense against assault and battery charges

It is sometimes hard to predict how people will react in certain situations. What might seem like relatively innocuous contact in a crowded bar, for example, could seem like a deliberate attack by another. In some cases, an event can escalate to the point where police become involved, resulting in criminal charges. If you have faced assault and battery charges in California, our attorneys may be able to help with your criminal defense.

California man likely planning criminal defense following arrest

There is probably not a single driver in California who has not found him or herself drifting onto the shoulder of the road at one time or another. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including a slight miscalculation of a curb or moment of distraction. While usually a harmless incident, police claim that such an action recently led to two fatalities. The driver of the car that allegedly drifted onto the shoulder has since been arrested and may be considering his criminal defense options.

Prosecutorial practice of requesting privacy waivers raises issues under new CA law

Privacy issues can be important, even critical, in building a strong criminal defense case. This is why California criminal defense attorneys have raised serious concerns about a new California law that could allow law enforcement to search certain individuals and their property at any time.

Federal prison demographics

Californians may want to be aware of a recent analysis that examined prison population data across the United States. Between 1980 and 2012, the population in federal prisons grew by nearly 800 percent, and a large number of those inmates were incarcerated for drug crimes as part of the national War on Drugs. The Urban Institute examined Bureau of Prisons data from 2012 and determined that of the nearly 200,000 federal prisoners, more than half were incarcerated due to drug offenses. More than a third of federal drug offenders had no prior imprisonment before they were sentenced.

California student drops guilty plea for drug dealing charge

On Sept. 26, it was reported that a California teenager who was accused of being involved in a high school drug ring was allowed to withdraw a guilty plea that he had entered for a drug dealing charge. This decision was made by the court after the man, age 18, was sentenced to three years of probation on a drug possession charge.

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