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Judges choose if juvenile crimes go to adult court in California

Recent reform of the state's policies regarding youthful offenders will hopefully allow more young people to seek rehabilitation for offenses instead of harsh punishments. A California court decided to expand the reach of limits for those charged with juvenile crimes. In 2016, a proposition was approved that prevented prosecutors from trying young people in adult court. Now, the reach of that proposition has been expanded. 

Fees for juvenile crimes won't lead to jail in California

Minors who rack up court costs for their transgressions will no longer be sent to jail for the unpaid fines, according to a new law in the state. In the past, California teens convicted of juvenile crimes faced penalties that included court costs and other fines. When the fines were left unpaid, some children faced going to jail for failing to make the payments. Luckily, a new 2018 law will prevent this outcome. 

Individual charged with juvenile crimes in California party death

A Halloween party turned deadly for one person recently in California. One person was shot while attending the party, and the alleged shooter was a juvenile male. Investigators are still looking into the exact details of the incident, and they did arrest a youth who has been charged with murder. 

Individuals charged with juvenile crimes in California

A series of offenses led to the arrest of several young men locally. Charges of theft and attempted murder were doled out to a total of five individuals. One of the young California men was 18 years of age, while another four people were charged with juvenile crimes. A series of six crimes happening over the span of one night and day set officials out searching for those responsible. 

Juvenile crimes with life sentences may get parole in California

In a move designed to emulate a recent Supreme Court ruling, a new policy for young lifers has passed the state Assembly. The legislative body has voted that California inmates sentenced to life in prison without parole for juvenile crimes would now be eligible for parole. The measure has not yet passed the Senate.

Teens charged with juvenile crimes in California

Unfortunately when a child is associated with criminal activity it can start a perception about the child that can follow a person for life. When authority figures believe that a child has committed some crime, they are more likely to maintain a negative opinion of the child's personality and abilities. A minor has not fully matured, and should be given the chance to develop so that he or she can become a fully functioning member of society. Recently, two teens were arrested and charged with juvenile crimes following their alleged participation in the robbery of a California convenience store. 

Juvenile crimes at the fair

During fair week, everyone feels a little festive. It is time to people watch, eat some funnel cake and get your thrills riding... a stolen car? While most people would choose to get their thrills by riding the Vortex, police say that one juvenile chose to get his thrill by stealing a car and leading them on a chase. A recent news story gives more details about the California teenager's alleged juvenile crimes

Juvenile crimes: California juvenile arrested in shooting case

Adolescence can be a difficult time for parents and children. Parenting becomes so much harder when one's child is accused of a crime. It can be so important to prepare a good criminal defense for children accused of juvenile crimes, as the effects of the court's ruling may ripple through their lives forever. This is especially true for extremely serious accusations such as murder, as one recent California case illustrates.

Juvenile crimes often lead to adult-type problems

If you're the parent of a child under age 18 in California, no one needs to tell you how challenging parenting can be. Modern society, advanced technology and many other dynamics often create complications and problems in a parenting journey. If your family winds up facing a troubling situation regarding juvenile crimes, you might feel a great need to reach out for support.

Prop 57 applied retroactively in California juvenile crimes

In November, voters in California passed Proposition 57 with the goal of reducing the overall size of the prison population. As such, the law gives judges, not prosecutors, the power to determine whether accusations of juvenile crimes should be heard in juvenile courts. Some defense attorneys are now successfully arguing that the law should apply retroactively to cases that were pending at the time the law was passed, rather than only to cases in which charges were filed after its passage.

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