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Man accused of hit-and-run may be thinking about criminal defense

A tragic accident that left one family grieving may result in penalties for the man accused of the crime. An alleged perpetrator is likely considering options for criminal defense in the face of hit-and-run and other charges. The California accident led to the man's arrest. More details are given in a recent news article covering the event. 

A criminal defense may aid California hunter facing charges

A hunter says he was only trying to prevent additional suffering and potential accidents when he killed a deer. However, the California bowhunter does admit that he knew he was within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling when he did so. The man was captured on neighborhood surveillance video. Police have charged the man with various crimes, and he may be contemplating his best criminal defense

California jewelers likely preparing a criminal defense

Individuals serving in the military were allegedly targeted by a couple who owned a chain of jewelry stores. The pair, who operate their business in California, were charged with illegal financing and debt collection. After receiving the charges, the two are likely contemplating their options for criminal defense in the face of the charges. 

Supervisor approval part of food director's criminal defense

A health food advocate faces charges of embezzlement and mishandling of funds after allegations that he used school money to line his own pockets. He claims that he did not misuse the funds, and that the allocation of the money was approved by his supervisors on the school food services team. The man, previously lauded as a champion of healthy food in California schools, is now preparing his criminal defense

Former California AG's wife may focus on criminal defense

Last week, one woman was arrested following an alleged domestic dispute. The woman, Nadia Lockyer, wife of former California attorney general Bill Lockyer, was arrested when authorities determined she may have committed misdemeanor spousal abuse. Should the district attorney choose to file charges, the woman may find herself preparing a criminal defense

2 California men preparing criminal defense in beehive case

The orchards are abuzz with news that two men have been charged in multiple beehive thefts. In California, many almond growers rent beehives to help them pollinate their crops. A rash of beehive thefts have resulted in two men facing charges and who are likely preparing a criminal defense

Former California city councilman's criminal defense falls short

Even when accused of a heinous crime, accused persons have certain rights and protections under the criminal justice system in the United States. Because strict penalties may be imposed on lawbreakers, people facing such accusations will need to prepare a strong criminal defense. Recently, a former California city councilman found himself defending against charges of domestic violence, stalking and kidnapping, 

California CEO's criminal defense helps avoid deportation

Domestic violence is a serious charge and, if one is convicted, can have life-changing implications. Being convicted of domestic violence can result in fines, jail time, loss of employment or, in some cases, deportation. Deportation can be defined as removing from a country a foreigner whose presence is contrary to law or harmful to the public welfare. A recent case in California tells about a CEO avoiding deportation by using a strong criminal defense

Type of criminal defense often key to avoiding conviction

California firefighters, like others throughout the nation, are known for their courage and self-sacrifice. They are, however, just like everyone else in that they face temptations in life, and sometimes find themselves facing trouble with the law. This seems to be the case for one former San Francisco firefighter who will likely need a strong criminal defense after being charged with several felonies related to an alleged embezzlement.  

3 California men likely focused on criminal defense after arrest

When a crime occurs, police are left with the difficult task of determining who the perpetrators are as well as gathering evidence to support their conclusions. Unfortunately, in the rush to make an arrest, officers may overlook critical information, potentially arresting someone even without evidence that fully supports such action. An arrest often leaves those accused in California wondering about the best options for their criminal defense.

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