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Criminal defense researchers look into impact of Proposition 47

The ways in which crimes are punished and the length of sentences is often considered to have an impact on reoffense rates. In 2014, California voters chose to reduce penalties for several different convictions formerly categorized as felonies. This change to the criminal defense system in California was controversial and contested, so these follow-up studies to the passage of Proposition 47 are of high interest to many in the state.

PGA president charged with drunk driving in California

An accident has led to one man being charged with a misdemeanor DUI charge. The individual veered off of a road in California and struck a sign, leading authorities to investigate. It was later found that the man charged with drunk driving was the president of the Professional Golfers Association. 

Man charged with drunk driving in California after accident

A recent collision between a car and a train resulted in the arrest of one man. Two other people were injured. The man, a native American tribal official, was charged with drunk driving. His two teen sons were the injured parties in the California incident. 

Drunk driving charges lead to arrests in California

Individual attempting to avoid the consequences of criminal charges should probably not do so by trying to evade the police. There are methods to try and restore one's good name and avoid being convicted, but skipping out on a warrant is typically not the best way to handle the situation. Recently, California police officials conducted a sweep and arrested three people who were wanted for missed court dates related to drunk driving charges. 

Drunk driving charges cause fuss for California medical examiner

One man has recently had his career challenged stemming from criminal accusations related to drinking. The California man, employed as the San Luis Obispo medical examiner, was arrested in 2016 on drunk driving charges. His most recent court appearance led the judge to suspend his surgeon's license pending completion of a three-year probation. 

California man charged with drunk driving after pedestrian struck

A tragedy involving a beloved elderly man has led to charges for the driver of the car that allegedly struck him. The 91-year-old California mudslide evacuee was crossing the street near the hotel where he was staying, following the natural disaster. The driver of the car was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. 

Man charged with drunk driving alleges the car was in charge

The latest automobile technology is raising some questions for individuals who choose to drive the cars. One California man was recently arrested on alleged drunk driving charges when he was found supposedly passed out in his Tesla on the Bay Bridge. He claims that the car was on autopilot and was driving itself. 

California police officer falls victim to drunk driving crash

A Christmas Eve shift turned deadly for one officer on the state roads recently. The California Highway Patrol officer was parked by the side of the road while monitoring traffic using a radar gun. The person who crashed into the officer's vehicle is in critical condition but will face drunk driving charges once he is released into police custody. Unfortunately, this tragic event did not need to occur, and the accused man is facing serious felony charges. 

California man charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

Four members of one family were killed as the result of a tragic accident. The collision in California was allegedly caused by one man, who was later apprehended and charged with drunk driving. The man faces other serious charges in relation to the events, but he will be given the opportunity to defend himself in court in order to give his account of the events and avoid any erroneous penalties. 

Driver suspected of drunk driving following California crash

There are many different ways to legally use California roadways. Unfortunately, some of these ways carry more risks than others. For example, motorcyclists have little protection if they get into an accident, putting them at greater risk of harm if they are involved in a collision. Unfortunately, a motorcyclist recently died in an alleged drunk driving crash.

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