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Man accused of selling drugs without a license faces drug charges

As many states work to fight drug addiction, police are taking action on those who illegally sell prescription drugs without a license. In California, the owner of an herbal medicine store has been charged with selling and holding prescription drugs without a license. The man is accused of these drug charges in San Francisco's Chinatown.

California doctor faces drug charges in alleged pill mill

The responsibility of a doctor is great and so are the consequences for abusing that responsibility. One physician based in California has been accused of abusing her position to distribute drugs in an unauthorized manner. The woman faces felony drug charges in the wake of an investigation into her office, which some say was involved in distributing opioid narcotics without following medical protocols. In addition to criminal penalties, she could also lose her medical license. 

California man arrested on drug charges in death of woman

A person has been arrested on suspicion of providing illegal substances that caused the death of one woman. The man, a California resident, is one of the first few individuals to be arrested in the new push by federal, state and local governments to hold drug dealers accountable for their actions when a person overdoses on the drugs they provide. He is being held on drug charges and charges for the death of the woman.

Sweep nets 31 on weapons, drug charges in California

An alleged gang, supposedly operating from inside the walls of a local prison, was the source of a number of arrests recently. Federal, state and local investigators worked together to arrest the individuals all over California state and beyond. The charges for each individual varied, but most were taken on weapons or drug charges.

Clearing old drug charges can be easier with California bill

Recently relaxed pot laws have created an environment in which old convictions can have less of an impact for previous offenders. In California, Proposition 64 made anyone convicted of past marijuana crimes able to petition the court to have the charges reduced or dismissed. In the era of legalization, old drug charges should not affect a person's ability to work or find housing. 

Man hit with drug charges after car accident in San Luis Obispo

A relatively minor car crash has led to one local man's arrest. When police responded to the scene of an accident in San Luis Obispo, they found an individual who admitted to having a warrant in a neighboring county. The man, allegedly a former felon, was later arrested on drug charges after officers reportedly found guns, drugs and paraphernalia in his car.  

Conspiracy drug charges for accused California man

A man has been charged with conspiracy to sell illegal substances. The individual, a manager at a California company, pleaded not guilty to the charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and methamphetamine as well as possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine. The drug charges are part of an ongoing incident with local city and county police officers also charged in relationship to these crimes. 

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