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New law to limit immigration status questions in criminal defense

State representatives often look for ways to refine the legal system and make it as fair as possible. Recently, California lawmakers approved a bill that would limit the revelation of a person's immigration status in open court. They hope the bill will encourage people to testify regardless of their immigration status, as well as keeping juries focused on the relevant issues in a criminal defense case.

No criminal defense yet for alleged Golden State killer suspect

It is still early in the case for one man accused of being the "Golden State Killer," although the crimes he is accused of were committed over 40 years ago. The man was charged only recently in eight killings stemming from a series of murders occurring in California during the late 1970s and early 1980s, and his criminal defense has not yet been revealed. The story of the supposed killer recently recaptured the spotlight after a bestselling crime novel was published. 

Criminal defense not yet revealed for California woman

One woman's business has been abruptly shut down after officials claim she violated the law. The California woman was allegedly maintaining several properties that allowed the cultivation of marijuana plants. During her initial court hearing, her criminal defense was not revealed, and she indicated that she would need a translator during future court meetings. 

A constitutional criminal defense starts with a fair bail system

Some criminal law experts argue that the California bail system is not functioning according to appropriate constitutional standards. The current law tends to fill the prisons with people who have not been proved guilty and who are supposed to be protected by the cloak of innocence. It also discriminates against those who cannot raise the cash required by the courts. A good criminal defense attorney can help the defendant to seek a lower bail amount, but a long-term solution to the problem will come from other sources.

A criminal defense may aid 3 facing misuse of funds charges

Funds collected by the government for the maintenance of the public water utility have allegedly been mishandled, says the state attorney general. Three employees of a rural water utility in California are facing charges that they used public funds for unauthorized purposes. Because strict penalties are often imposed on those who break the law, people facing such accusations will need to prepare a strong criminal defense. 

A criminal defense for feeding California homeless?

Nine individuals have been arrested on misdemeanor charges after handing out food and supplies to homeless individuals in a local park. The California city created an ordinance against handing out food and supplies to homeless individuals after an outbreak of Hepatitis A. After the release of the ordinance, a community group was formed to support feeding the homeless, and now some members of this group may be contemplating their criminal defense. 

Criminal defense could show subjective sobriety testing

The marijuana industry is reaching new frontiers. In California, medical marijuana has been legal for some time, and soon, recreational marijuana will be legalized. It is still illegal in the state to drive while impaired by the drug, however. Unfortunately, no uniform test yet exists for gauging a user's impairment. 

Man accused of hit-and-run may be thinking about criminal defense

A tragic accident that left one family grieving may result in penalties for the man accused of the crime. An alleged perpetrator is likely considering options for criminal defense in the face of hit-and-run and other charges. The California accident led to the man's arrest. More details are given in a recent news article covering the event. 

A criminal defense may aid California hunter facing charges

A hunter says he was only trying to prevent additional suffering and potential accidents when he killed a deer. However, the California bowhunter does admit that he knew he was within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling when he did so. The man was captured on neighborhood surveillance video. Police have charged the man with various crimes, and he may be contemplating his best criminal defense. 

California jewelers likely preparing a criminal defense

Individuals serving in the military were allegedly targeted by a couple who owned a chain of jewelry stores. The pair, who operate their business in California, were charged with illegal financing and debt collection. After receiving the charges, the two are likely contemplating their options for criminal defense in the face of the charges. 

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