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DUI with enhanced factors may derail your future

You probably already know that California is among the strictest states in the country when it comes to drunk driving laws. A conviction for a simple DUI may result in hefty fines that can devastate your budget and carry the potential for jail time, even for a first offense. Additionally, you may have other penalties, such as community service, probation or alcohol education classes. You will likely lose your license for a period of time.

As severe as these and other drunk driving penalties can be, there are some factors that can quickly increase the severity of the penalties you may face if a court convicts you. A DUI conviction can quickly derail your life and your opportunities for the future. It is important that you understand how much is on the line and how you may benefit from securing legal representation as soon as possible after your arrest.

Examples of enhanced factors

If the police believed the circumstances leading to your drunk driving arrest placed others in danger, you may face sentence enhancements if a court convicts you of the charges. Enhancements mean that the original penalties, which are already severe, may be even harsher. This may include higher fines, longer license suspension and a greater chance of extended jail time. Some enhancement factors include the following:

  • Causing an accident that resulted in property damage, injury or the death of someone else
  • Having a child in the vehicle while your blood alcohol concentration was over the legal limit
  • Having a BAC considerably higher than the legal limit of .08
  • Driving without a valid license or while your license is under suspension for previous violations
  • Driving while impaired and while on probation
  • Refusing to consent to a blood alcohol test after your arrest
  • Driving while impaired with an ignition interlock on your vehicle
  • Driving with a BAC over the legal limit when you already have previous DUI convictions on your record

In fact, with each DUI conviction during a certain period of time, the penalties drastically increase. If you have too many convictions in your history, you may face felony charges, which can result in years in prison. Whether you are facing a DUI misdemeanor or charges that carry enhanced penalties, you have a great deal at risk. It is not unusual for someone to face serious hardships after a DUI conviction, so you would be wise to seek legal advice as quickly as possible after your arrest.

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