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Civil restraining order may provide the protection you need

You have had enough. Whether you are dealing with your neighbor, a former friend, a roommate or someone else, the dispute between you continues to escalate. Perhaps this has been an ongoing feud, or something recently caused bad feelings between you, but if the situation has taken a bad turn, you may have concerns for your safety.

If the person with whom you are in conflict has threatened you, this is something you cannot take lightly. Many times people have shrugged off a threat of violence as an overreaction and waited for the other person to cool off. Sometimes they are fortunate, and matters resolve themselves. Other times, the other person does not cool off, and the situation ends in tragedy. If someone has made you feel unsafe or threatened, you would be wise to seek information about a civil restraining order.

Obtaining peace of mind

Perhaps your neighbor comes onto your property and makes threats against you and your family. Maybe you have a friend who is angry at you and who is harassing you on the phone or vandalizing your property. Perhaps someone in your apartment building has already hurt you, and you are afraid of future encounters. By requesting a civil harassment restraining order from the California courts, you can receive the protection of the law from the other person. Some important facts to understand about civil restraining orders include these:

  • A CRO orders the other person to stop the offensive actions or threats.
  • The order can forbid the other person from coming within a certain distance of you, but it cannot order someone to move out of your house or apartment building.
  • A CRO can demand that the other person surrender any firearms.
  • Obtaining a CRO requires you to file the appropriate forms and attend a hearing where you will provide evidence of the harassment, including witnesses, police reports or photos of damages.
  • If the other person violates the restraining order, the police can arrest him or her, and that person may face criminal charges.

Civil restraining orders are different from those orders related to domestic violence. Domestic violence occurs within intimate relationships, such as between spouses, romantic partners or close relatives. If your situation involves someone other than these, a CRO is the appropriate course of action. The process of obtaining such an order can be complex, so it is wise to have an attorney to assist you along the way.

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