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Are you a California college student who drinks?

When you first moved into your dorm or apartment at a California college campus, you were likely filled with excitement, nervousness and a sense of freedom, especially if it was the first time you'd ever been away from home. Since then, you've hopefully found your niche and have developed good study habits and a sense of normalcy and routine in your daily schedule. You've also hopefully connected with a group of friends who are like-minded in their goals.

College life isn't all academics; in fact, the social scene is a main component that graduates often remember when they move on in life and think back on their college days. Drinking alcohol is often part of the social atmosphere in college. Unfortunately, alcohol-related incidents are often among the negative, not happy, memories for those whose situations get out of hand. If you drink, you'll want to be aware of some important issues, including where to seek support if a problem arises.

Why is drinking alcohol so popular in college?

Some California colleges allow students ages 21 or beyond, to consume alcohol on campus. In fact, some schools have bars installed in their social rooms. There's nothing necessarily wrong with you shooting a game of pool and enjoying a couple drinks while you're hanging out with your friends, providing you meet the legal requirements and make responsible choices. If you drink, you may relate to other students who list the following reasons as their incentives to imbibe:

  • Alcohol affects each person's brain and body differently; however, many college students say they feel more relaxed and less stressed after a couple of drinks.
  • Some people use alcohol as an icebreaker at social events. It somehow seems easier for them to talk to people they are meeting for the first time if they are sharing drinks together.
  • A lot of college students say they use alcohol to help forget their problems, whether they're facing academic trouble, issues with a boyfriend or girlfriend or other personal crisis matters.
  • If you feel that your friends are pressuring your to drink, you're definitely not alone in your struggle. This is a main reason many college students give when asked why they binge drink.
  • You may also be among those who say that drinking is fun. There's not necessarily a problem here as long as you act in adherence to alcohol-related laws and school regulations.

Maybe your reasons for drinking in college are entirely different than these. It doesn't matter as much why you drink as it does that you do so legally and responsibly. It's also critical to know where to seek support if your drinking habit has gotten out of hand and you want to talk about it. Alcohol-related legal problems can mess up your college career (and your future) so it's also a good idea to tap into available support resources if you're currently facing legal trouble related to drinking.

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