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Church accused of covering up sex crimes

Some victims of childhood sexual abuse have been critical of churches and organizations they say helped hide it and allow the behavior to continue. One woman says that she told church leaders in both California and a nearby state about sex crimes committed by her father, a church employee. She cited their failure to report the abuse to police in a recent civil lawsuit.

Criminal defense researchers look into impact of Proposition 47

The ways in which crimes are punished and the length of sentences is often considered to have an impact on reoffense rates. In 2014, California voters chose to reduce penalties for several different convictions formerly categorized as felonies. This change to the criminal defense system in California was controversial and contested, so these follow-up studies to the passage of Proposition 47 are of high interest to many in the state.

Man accused of selling drugs without a license faces drug charges

As many states work to fight drug addiction, police are taking action on those who illegally sell prescription drugs without a license. In California, the owner of an herbal medicine store has been charged with selling and holding prescription drugs without a license. The man is accused of these drug charges in San Francisco's Chinatown.

Tests that can land you in a California jail cell if you fail

If you are a rather clumsy person, the type that trips over your own feet while walking down a sidewalk, then one of the things you no doubt hope to never do is take a field sobriety walk-and-turn test. This is one of three common tests that California police officers may request you to take if they pull you over while driving and suspect that you might be intoxicated.  

PGA president charged with drunk driving in California

An accident has led to one man being charged with a misdemeanor DUI charge. The individual veered off of a road in California and struck a sign, leading authorities to investigate. It was later found that the man charged with drunk driving was the president of the Professional Golfers Association. 

California considering alternative sentencing for juvenile crimes

A larger national push toward community programs versus detention and confinement for youth could have some judges ordering alternatives for young offenders. The state of California has two large funding sources for juvenile justice purposes and some of those funds are earmarked for community-based services for youth. Individuals charged with juvenile crimes may not necessarily face detention, but it will depend on the circumstance and the location. 

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