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Criminal defense not yet revealed for California woman

One woman's business has been abruptly shut down after officials claim she violated the law. The California woman was allegedly maintaining several properties that allowed the cultivation of marijuana plants. During her initial court hearing, her criminal defense was not revealed, and she indicated that she would need a translator during future court meetings. 

Challenging horizontal gaze nystagmus test results

You just never know when a California police officer is going to flash lights or blare a siren in an attempt to pull you over in a traffic stop. Of course, if you were traveling at speeds in great excess of posted limits, such as going 50 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone, chances are high that any police officer nearby who witnesses your high-speed travel will likely pull you over.

California boy held on juvenile crimes for impersonating a cop

A disturbing incident at a local woman's residence led to the arrest of a 14-year-old boy. Police say that the boy went to the woman's home dressed as a police officer and tried to enter the residence. He was able to leave the scene at the time, but was arrested and charged with juvenile crimes a day later near his California residence. 

Drunk driving charges cause fuss for California medical examiner

One man has recently had his career challenged stemming from criminal accusations related to drinking. The California man, employed as the San Luis Obispo medical examiner, was arrested in 2016 on drunk driving charges. His most recent court appearance led the judge to suspend his surgeon's license pending completion of a three-year probation. 

A constitutional criminal defense starts with a fair bail system

Some criminal law experts argue that the California bail system is not functioning according to appropriate constitutional standards. The current law tends to fill the prisons with people who have not been proved guilty and who are supposed to be protected by the cloak of innocence. It also discriminates against those who cannot raise the cash required by the courts. A good criminal defense attorney can help the defendant to seek a lower bail amount, but a long-term solution to the problem will come from other sources.

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