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Man charged with drunk driving alleges the car was in charge

The latest automobile technology is raising some questions for individuals who choose to drive the cars. One California man was recently arrested on alleged drunk driving charges when he was found supposedly passed out in his Tesla on the Bay Bridge. He claims that the car was on autopilot and was driving itself. 

A criminal defense for feeding California homeless?

Nine individuals have been arrested on misdemeanor charges after handing out food and supplies to homeless individuals in a local park. The California city created an ordinance against handing out food and supplies to homeless individuals after an outbreak of Hepatitis A. After the release of the ordinance, a community group was formed to support feeding the homeless, and now some members of this group may be contemplating their criminal defense

Inappropriate use of medical marijuana could lead to trouble

Medical marijuana is legal in California, which means that people with certain medical conditions could legally obtain and use this drug. This is only an option for people with specific types of medical conditions, and even if you qualify, you would be wise to understand the laws and regulations regarding appropriate use.

Clearing old drug charges can be easier with California bill

Recently relaxed pot laws have created an environment in which old convictions can have less of an impact for previous offenders. In California, Proposition 64 made anyone convicted of past marijuana crimes able to petition the court to have the charges reduced or dismissed. In the era of legalization, old drug charges should not affect a person's ability to work or find housing. 

Fees for juvenile crimes won't lead to jail in California

Minors who rack up court costs for their transgressions will no longer be sent to jail for the unpaid fines, according to a new law in the state. In the past, California teens convicted of juvenile crimes faced penalties that included court costs and other fines. When the fines were left unpaid, some children faced going to jail for failing to make the payments. Luckily, a new 2018 law will prevent this outcome. 

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