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California police officer falls victim to drunk driving crash

A Christmas Eve shift turned deadly for one officer on the state roads recently. The California Highway Patrol officer was parked by the side of the road while monitoring traffic using a radar gun. The person who crashed into the officer's vehicle is in critical condition but will face drunk driving charges once he is released into police custody. Unfortunately, this tragic event did not need to occur, and the accused man is facing serious felony charges. 

Don't let a police checkpoint block your right to a defense

As a California motorist, it's easy to take certain things at surface value while traveling, including various legal situations that may place your freedom at risk. Rather than research ahead of time and obtain clear understanding of traffic laws, as well as what rights you have, you may be one of many who fall into the habit of presuming that if police officers are making a stop and conducting investigations, they are doing so lawfully because they are the police and know what's legal and what isn't.

Criminal defense could show subjective sobriety testing

The marijuana industry is reaching new frontiers. In California, medical marijuana has been legal for some time, and soon, recreational marijuana will be legalized. It is still illegal in the state to drive while impaired by the drug, however. Unfortunately, no uniform test yet exists for gauging a user's impairment. 

Man hit with drug charges after car accident in San Luis Obispo

A relatively minor car crash has led to one local man's arrest. When police responded to the scene of an accident in San Luis Obispo, they found an individual who admitted to having a warrant in a neighboring county. The man, allegedly a former felon, was later arrested on drug charges after officers reportedly found guns, drugs and paraphernalia in his car.  

Man accused of hit-and-run may be thinking about criminal defense

A tragic accident that left one family grieving may result in penalties for the man accused of the crime. An alleged perpetrator is likely considering options for criminal defense in the face of hit-and-run and other charges. The California accident led to the man's arrest. More details are given in a recent news article covering the event. 

California man charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

Four members of one family were killed as the result of a tragic accident. The collision in California was allegedly caused by one man, who was later apprehended and charged with drunk driving. The man faces other serious charges in relation to the events, but he will be given the opportunity to defend himself in court in order to give his account of the events and avoid any erroneous penalties. 

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