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Juvenile crimes with life sentences may get parole in California

In a move designed to emulate a recent Supreme Court ruling, a new policy for young lifers has passed the state Assembly. The legislative body has voted that California inmates sentenced to life in prison without parole for juvenile crimes would now be eligible for parole. The measure has not yet passed the Senate.

Drunk driving and murder charges for California woman

It can be good fun to enjoy a few adult beverages at a party, but the light-hearted evening can become deadly serious if a motor vehicle accident ensues. A California woman is learning exactly this lesson as she faces drunk driving charges stemming from an incident that occurred last year. Unfortunately, her passenger died as a result of a crash, and she is facing serious charges that have been increased to include murder. 

Teens charged with juvenile crimes in California

Unfortunately when a child is associated with criminal activity it can start a perception about the child that can follow a person for life. When authority figures believe that a child has committed some crime, they are more likely to maintain a negative opinion of the child's personality and abilities. A minor has not fully matured, and should be given the chance to develop so that he or she can become a fully functioning member of society. Recently, two teens were arrested and charged with juvenile crimes following their alleged participation in the robbery of a California convenience store. 

Drunk driving: Rules for DUI tests in California

A viral video in the news has brought the subject of field sobriety tests to forefront of some people's minds. A police officer clashed with a hospital nurse, demanding to test the blood of an unconscious patient who was neither under arrest or the subject of a warrant. The nurse held her ground, repeating hospital policy, and the incident ended when the police officer forcefully arrested her. So, what are the rules for tests in California when a person is suspected of drunk driving

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