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2 California men preparing criminal defense in beehive case

The orchards are abuzz with news that two men have been charged in multiple beehive thefts. In California, many almond growers rent beehives to help them pollinate their crops. A rash of beehive thefts have resulted in two men facing charges and who are likely preparing a criminal defense

Drunk driving alleged in California vehicle accident

Are drivers prepared to defend themselves if charged with a crime? There are resources available to help people when they suddenly need to prepare a criminal defense. The consequences of drunk driving charges can interfere with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In California, a recent news story tells the story of a man facing criminal charges as a result of an alleged drunk driving accident. 

Drug charges for man in San Luis Obispo

It is important to remember that in this country, people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Although the initial story about an alleged crime may seem to have the facts signed, sealed and delivered, many times, a closer look will uncover new revelations about a case. A man facing theft and drug charges in San Luis Obispo is likely preparing to tell his side of the tale, as covered in a recent news story. 

San Louis Obispo prosecutors retry sex crimes case

A man is preparing his criminal defense and will go to court again to face one of two charges filed against him for rape. Prosecutors in San Louis Obispo will retry a man for sex crimes allegedly stemming from a 2014 incident. He was originally acquitted of one rape charge (based on an accusation that the alleged victim was unconscious of the nature of the act). The jury was unable to reach a verdict for another charge, that of rape of an intoxicated person.

Former California city councilman's criminal defense falls short

Even when accused of a heinous crime, accused persons have certain rights and protections under the criminal justice system in the United States. Because strict penalties may be imposed on lawbreakers, people facing such accusations will need to prepare a strong criminal defense. Recently, a former California city councilman found himself defending against charges of domestic violence, stalking and kidnapping, 

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