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California CEO's criminal defense helps avoid deportation

Domestic violence is a serious charge and, if one is convicted, can have life-changing implications. Being convicted of domestic violence can result in fines, jail time, loss of employment or, in some cases, deportation. Deportation can be defined as removing from a country a foreigner whose presence is contrary to law or harmful to the public welfare. A recent case in California tells about a CEO avoiding deportation by using a strong criminal defense. 

Originally a native of India, the man was accused of beating his wife. His wife's account of the story led to felony domestic violence charges, which would include potential deportation as one of the penalties.  Striking a deal with prosecutors, the man later pleaded no contest to reduced charges of felony accessory and a misdemeanor count of offensive touching.

A 2015 California state law requires prosecutors to avoid deportations if possible. The man was able to avoid such an outcome by accepting the lesser charges, although he could still face jail time. The reduced charges may result in the CEO receiving only 15 days in custody. His wife remained critical of the outcome, but the defense is in line with the requirements of state law and was found to be valid in the court. 

California residents like the CEO may find themselves facing domestic violence charges and will need to prepare a strategic criminal defense. A lawyer can help those accused find ways to reduce or eliminate charges from their record. Every person facing criminal charges has the right to an attorney and a strong defense. 

Source:, "Domestic violence plea to let CEO avoid deportation", May 2, 2017

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