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Didn't expect drunk driving charges to be part of spring break?

It's the time of year in California and throughout the nation when college students and families converge upon various popular vacation spots to enjoy spring break. Taking time away from studies and work, as well as the mundane routines of everyday life, restores and refreshes people and gives them opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Things don't always go so smoothly for some travelers, however, especially if their recreation includes alcoholic beverages prior to driving motor vehicles. In those circumstances, drunk driving charges may be an unexpected reality. 

Is it illegal to imbibe a single alcoholic drink then driver a car? That depends. If your blood alcohol content level measures higher than the legally permitted amount for operation of a motor vehicle, then yes. However, it doesn't mean that just because you are charged with intoxicated driving, you will be convicted.

There are often many extenuating circumstances in these types of situations. An astute attorney can investigate the events leading up to and following your arrest to determine if any of your personal rights were violated in the process. For instance, did a police officer search your vehicle without your permission and without a search warrant?

Fisher Law Office helps people charged with drunk driving in California. Facing such charges can negatively impact your college career, job and family life. Most people preparing to navigate the criminal justice system understand that an aggressive and solid defense is often key toward achieving a positive outcome. Our experienced team can help you maximize your chances of avoiding conviction and getting life (and spring break) back on track.

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