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Criminal defense on tap in California money-laundering probe

People visit and/or choose to live in California for many different reasons. Some enjoy the temperate climate this state has to offer. Others love the exciting nightlife provided by casinos and other gambling halls. Many who enjoy the latter are familiar with Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Bell Gardens, which is currently under federal investigation and in need of a strong criminal defense.

Indictment expected regarding recent federal drug charges

Most likely unbeknown to airline passengers in the vicinity, a California airport was the recent site of a federal drug investigation. Federal agents were apparently staked out at the airport, awaiting a particular plane. They reportedly received word of a bulk shipment of currency, expected on a flight set to travel from California to another state. The situation resulted in serious drug charges, and an indictment is expected in the near future.

Prescription drug abuse can quickly become a big legal problem

There are multiple medical reasons why a person may need a prescription medication. However, due to the highly addictive nature of some prescription drugs, use can quickly lead to abuse. Addiction is tough. It is not uncommon for people who are struggling with a drug problem to find themselves in legal trouble for reasons related to their addiction.

Didn't expect drunk driving charges to be part of spring break?

It's the time of year in California and throughout the nation when college students and families converge upon various popular vacation spots to enjoy spring break. Taking time away from studies and work, as well as the mundane routines of everyday life, restores and refreshes people and gives them opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Things don't always go so smoothly for some travelers, however, especially if their recreation includes alcoholic beverages prior to driving motor vehicles. In those circumstances, drunk driving charges may be an unexpected reality. 

Juvenile crimes often lead to adult-type problems

If you're the parent of a child under age 18 in California, no one needs to tell you how challenging parenting can be. Modern society, advanced technology and many other dynamics often create complications and problems in a parenting journey. If your family winds up facing a troubling situation regarding juvenile crimes, you might feel a great need to reach out for support.

A DUI may mean a DOA for your J-O-B

You probably know this now, but the lapse in judgment that led to your recent DUI arrest is likely to cause you headaches that linger beyond the day after the party. Even before your trial or conviction, you may begin to experience the negative consequences. For example, your current employer may decide to discipline or even terminate you because of the incident.

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