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Is it drunk driving if you get behind the wheel after one drink?

If you are age 21 or older and plan to operate a motor vehicle in California, you'll likely want to familiarize yourself with state traffic laws. Anyone who consumes alcohol then drives will definitely want to learn about drunk driving laws in this state before doing so. Those under age 21 are strictly prohibited from consuming any form of alcohol before driving, including products that contain it, such as most cough medicines or some prescription medications.

The percentage of alcohol that can be present in your blood before the state presumes you are intoxicated is .08. It is possible, however, to be charged with and convicted of drunk driving without chemical test evidence or test results that show a percentage lower than the legal limit. This is why it's typically a good idea to request immediate defense assistance if you're charged with an alcohol-related crime.

If a police officer pulls you over, it might be because your tail light is out or you forgot to use a turn signal. However, if the officer says your vehicle was weaving from side to side in your lane or going off the shoulder of the road, the situation may be a bit more serious. Once you're asked to step out of your vehicle, you know you are under investigation.

All these things can happen, and drunk driving charges may be filed, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are going to jail. In fact, you might not even get convicted. Obtaining positive outcomes in such situations is usually closely connected to the type of defense you present in court. Fisher Law Office is prepared to exercise all available options to help you avoid conviction in California and mitigate the negative repercussions of your  particular situation.

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