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Type of criminal defense often key to avoiding conviction

California firefighters, like others throughout the nation, are known for their courage and self-sacrifice. They are, however, just like everyone else in that they face temptations in life, and sometimes find themselves facing trouble with the law. This seems to be the case for one former San Francisco firefighter who will likely need a strong criminal defense after being charged with several felonies related to an alleged embezzlement.  

Proposed legislation in California may change sex crimes laws

Currently, a person in California who has tested positive for HIV and has unprotected sex with another person without first informing that person of the condition may face a felony charge in criminal court. However, state legislators are considering a change to the sex crimes statutes. If passed, the crime will be reclassified.

Facing drug charges can ruin spring break in California

It's that time of year when many college students put away their books and take road trips to the nearest beaches in California for some fun in the sun on spring break. The nation's coastlines fill up quickly with young people who are happy to be celebrating a little time away from school. Parties carry on all through the night, and sometimes party-goers wind up getting pulled over for DUI or facing drug charges or other criminal offenses.

Is it drunk driving if you get behind the wheel after one drink?

If you are age 21 or older and plan to operate a motor vehicle in California, you'll likely want to familiarize yourself with state traffic laws. Anyone who consumes alcohol then drives will definitely want to learn about drunk driving laws in this state before doing so. Those under age 21 are strictly prohibited from consuming any form of alcohol before driving, including products that contain it, such as most cough medicines or some prescription medications.

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