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Juvenile crimes: Teenager accused of sexual assault

Most fathers in California would do anything to protect their children. However, two fathers offer very different versions of what happened between two teenagers at a football game for an all-boys school. Despite allegations of juvenile crimes, especially sexual assault, against a teenager who attends the boys' school, prosecutors have declined to charge him pending further investigation.

The alleged victim in the case, a 15-year-old girl, attends a neighboring school. According to her, a 15-year-old boy -- who plays on the boy's freshman football team of the school -- had been sending sexually explicit messages to her and others. A group of girls were reportedly going to meet to confront the boy, but she claims she ultimately arrived alone. She contends that the boy then sexually assaulted her. Her father claims that the all-boys school attempted to hide the allegations in order to protect the school's football program.

The boy's father disagrees. He argues that the relationship between the two teenagers was consensual. He further insinuates that the young woman was actually pursuing his son. Although the boy was initially taken into custody, he was released from juvenile hall. No charges have been filed against him.

While the young woman claims that police have surveillance footage of part of their interaction, it is unclear what this footage may show or if there is any additional evidence that may support her claims against the young man. Often, it is difficult for California prosecutors to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt when a case hinges upon one person's word against another's. Although the young man suspected of juvenile crimes has yet to be charged, having an experienced attorney even in the early stages of a case can help ensure that a suspect is treated lawfully and able to prepare the most appropriate defense should charges arise.

Source:, "La Salle sex assault case: Suspect's father, a registered sex offender, defends son", Matthias Gafni, Dec. 1, 2016

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