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Criminal charges and protecting your minor child

As a parent, your main concern is protecting the best interests of your child. In the event that your child faces criminal charges, you may not know where to turn or how you can protect his or her rights and interests. Even though your child is under the age of 18, he or she could face serious penalties if convicted. It is important to secure experienced legal counsel regarding appropriate defense options.

The consequences of alleged criminal behavior can have a long-term impact on your child's life, both today and in the future. There is much at stake, but your lawyer can help you navigate the complicated nature of the California juvenile justice system.

What should you know about the juvenile justice system?

There are distinct differences between the criminal justice system for adults and the juvenile justice system. Any individual under the age of 18 will have his or her case heard in the juvenile system, and it can be beneficial to understand the rights of your minor child if he or she is charged with any crime ranging from drug possession to assault. You should understand the following about his or her legal situation:

  • Minors do not have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. A juvenile court judge hears and decides these cases.
  • Minors do not have the right to post bail or have a public trial.
  • Juvenile records are sealed.
  • It is possible that a juvenile offender could have his or her record expunged upon reaching the age of 18.
  • Minors charged with a crime have the right to an attorney, and if convicted, may be eligible for pre-release.

If charged with a criminal act, your child's future and freedom are on the line. It is critical to respond appropriately to this situation and actively fight for the protection of his or her entitlements and long-term interests.

A successful future after juvenile charges

The intent of the juvenile justice system is to allow a minor to deal with issues and still move toward a productive, strong future, but you need a legal ally who can provide knowledgeable guidance from very beginning.

It is important to handle juvenile crime cases with the same amount of professionalism and urgency as a case involving an adult defendant. One mistake or legal mishap does not preclude your minor child from the strong future he or she deserves.

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