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Criminal charges and protecting your minor child

As a parent, your main concern is protecting the best interests of your child. In the event that your child faces criminal charges, you may not know where to turn or how you can protect his or her rights and interests. Even though your child is under the age of 18, he or she could face serious penalties if convicted. It is important to secure experienced legal counsel regarding appropriate defense options.

California doctor arrested, accused of sex crimes

The vast majority of medical care professionals in California are dedicated to their patients. They work hard to ensure they have the knowledge to provide adequate treatment and often work long hours seeing patients. Unfortunately, one doctor has recently expressed his shock after he was accused of sex crimes against his patients.

2 California men likely considering criminal defense after arrest

It seems that the present time in this country is a time of turmoil. Even though some people live with fear and prejudice, the vast majority of Americans are accepting and willing to allow others to live their lives in their own way. When a crime is committed against a person who is a minority, it is easy for police to assume that the person was a victim of a hate crime. However, there must be evidence to prove such claims. Two men in California are likely considering their criminal defense after they were accused of a hate crime.

Juvenile crimes: Teenager accused of sexual assault

Most fathers in California would do anything to protect their children. However, two fathers offer very different versions of what happened between two teenagers at a football game for an all-boys school. Despite allegations of juvenile crimes, especially sexual assault, against a teenager who attends the boys' school, prosecutors have declined to charge him pending further investigation.

Man faces drunk driving charge following California accident

Car manufacturers work hard to add safety features to vehicles to prevent accidents while legislators work to create laws with a similar goal. Regardless of the number of precautions, however, there is little chance of completely eliminating car accidents. While a fatal crash is a tragedy, the assumption that an involved driver was under the influence of alcohol is often erroneous and not based in evidence. A man in California will likely want to know what evidence police have to support drunk driving charges against him following a fatal accident.

California rehab founder accused of sex crimes, among others

There are a variety of different types of people in California. Many, for example, dedicate their personal and professionals lives to helping others. Unfortunately, one man who opened 19 facilities dedicated to sober living has since been arrested on sex crimes.

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