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Facing drunk driving charges after visiting California?

The last thing you want while visiting California is a DUI or DWI charge. If charged with drunk driving in California, it is important to effectively and promptly confront these charges. Your legal matter will not disappear once you cross state lines, and you may benefit from the assistance of an attorney to help you deal with this matter.

Drunk driving suspected in California wine wagon accident

There are often many scary moments for people using California roadways. Such a moment recently resulted in injuries for one woman. While authorities describe the incident as an attack by a pickup truck driver, those who know the driver claim that it was simply an attempt at a joke that resulted in an unintended accident. The driver is suspected of drunk driving.

California police officer faces several drug charges

It often seems that it is easier for most people to believe the worst of a person, based on the smallest piece of information, rather than giving someone the benefit of a doubt. Unfortunately, an investigation against a California police officer was sparked after investigators claim they spotted him in an area that allegedly has a high prostitution rate, although it is unclear if they observed illegal activities. The reports initiated an investigation that has since resulted in the man's arrest on drug charges.

Former high school teacher's aide accused of sex crimes

Parents place a great deal of trust in the professionals who are hired to interact with and instruct their children on a daily basis. Because of this, accusations against an educator are always taken seriously. Unfortunately, many people forget that there are two sides to every story, often resulting in unfair persecution, forcing some educators into a position of having to make difficult decisions. One California teacher's aide recently pleaded no contest to sex crimes charges that stemmed from his alleged relationship with a student.

Woman accused of drunk driving following serious accident

There are many signs that a person is under the influence of alcohol. However, these signs could also be indicators that a person is distracted, confused or suffering from a medical condition. Despite these other possibilities, police often assume that a car accident was caused by a person who was drinking and driving. For example, one woman in California was recently accused of drunk driving following an accident.

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