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How will Prop 64 affect people with past marijuana convictions?

The countdown to the election is in its final days. On November 8, voters in California will have the opportunity to vote for the legalization of marijuana via a ballot measure entitled Proposition 64. Although small amounts of marijuana are already decriminalized in the state, half a million people have still been arrested for marijuana-related crimes since 2006.

If Prop 64 passes via a majority of the popular vote, both the use and possession of raw cannabis up to one ounce will be legal in the state of California. The measure will also allow those with past convictions to reduce sentences or expunge records of marijuana-related crimes.

How do I clean up my record?

A marijuana-related charge or arrest on your record can drastically affect your financial and career outlook. You may be unable to get a good job, obtain a lease, or be granted a loan due to a past marijuana-related incident. However, the passage of Prop 64 doesn't guarantee that your record will simply go up in smoke.

Instead, you must go through the steps to remove an arrest or conviction from your record. This legal process can be a worthwhile investment in your future. A criminal defense lawyer will help you navigate the criminal justice system to clean up your record.

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Many people feel optimistic about the future if Prop 64 passes. If you are seeking to reduce or expunge a marijuana-related offense from your record, keep in mind that everyone's criminal circumstance is different.

An arrest for marijuana possession while walking in a park could be different from a marijuana arrest while driving. Other factors like the amount possessed or punishments suspended following a conviction can affect the disposition of your case.

High hopes?

Current polls show that two-thirds of Californians favor the legalization of marijuana. Although the election is just days away, implementation of the law could take more time. Residents in Colorado waited 14 months after the 2012 vote to legalize marijuana for the first retail shops to open for legal sale.

The legalization of marijuana in California will create a demand on the court system due to people seeking sentence reductions and expungements. A criminal defense lawyer can help you through the process to a clean record and a brighter future.

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