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How will Prop 64 affect people with past marijuana convictions?

The countdown to the election is in its final days. On November 8, voters in California will have the opportunity to vote for the legalization of marijuana via a ballot measure entitled Proposition 64. Although small amounts of marijuana are already decriminalized in the state, half a million people have still been arrested for marijuana-related crimes since 2006.

Juvenile crimes: Two California teens arrested over clown threats

The nightly news seems to be filled with strange stories regarding threatening clowns in the area. At this point, people in several states have reported spotting clowns in unusual locations, including clowns who were allegedly attempting to lure children into the woods. Unfortunately, these incidents have spread to California, and two teenagers have recently been arrested for juvenile crimes related to alleged threats made on social media.

Arrests follow accusations of sex crimes in California

Information can be distributed both efficiently and privately thanks to advances in technology. However, some people can use technology to mask their own behavior, making it seem like a certain activity, such as distributing illegal materials, was actually perpetrated by someone else. As a result, an investigation regarding criminal activities involving computers, for example, must involve experienced professionals. Unfortunately, at least five people in California are facing sex crimes charges after investigators accused them of being involved in a child pornography ring.

Drunk driving charges follow alleged hit-and run in California

There seems to be a love/hate relationship with social media in this country. While many people utilize a variety of different sites, just as many are critical of those who are perceived to post too much information online. In fact, some in California seem eager to assume that a young woman accused of drunk driving after an alleged hit-and-run accident is guilty simply because she posted a photo of herself with her new vehicle on a social media site hours before the accident is said to have occurred.

Stung by StingRay surveillance?

During the summer months, reports of stingray injuries suffered along California beaches aired on the evening news. Enticed by the warm water, these mild sea creatures caused injury when people accidently stepped on their sharp tails. Luckily, the threat to beachgoers does lessen as temperatures cool in the fall and winter months.

California seeks to redefine certain sex crimes

California has seen a great deal of negative publicity in recent months due to a case involving a college swimmer and his sexual assault of a woman who was reportedly unconscious. Because some people believe that the sentence he received was too light, they have sought to change state law regarding certain sex crimes. Recently, two bills were signed that could result in harsher consequences for those convicted of such crimes.

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