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33 postal workers likely pondering criminal defense after arrests

Millions of Americans across the country depend on postal workers to pick up and deliver important mail everyday. Unfortunately, federal prosecutors in California claim that some postal workers have committed crimes related to their jobs. In fact, over 30 people have recently been charged with federal crimes and are likely wondering what decisions they should make in regards to their criminal defense.

Those arrested face a variety of different charges, including making false statements, using stolen credit cards, theft, possession of stolen mail, embezzlement and conspiracy. Of the 33 people charged, one man is accused of stealing 150 cellphones from a distribution center. Police say that after stealing the phones, he then used a website to trade them in.

The remainder of defendants also face a variety of accusations. For example, a mail carrier is said to have hoarded almost 50,000 pieces of mail. Another person is accused of stealing medications intended for veterans while a different person is accused of causing hundreds of thousands dollars in losses by creating pre-paid debit cards with stolen identities.  

It is difficult to fathom the number of hands a single piece of mail goes through from the time it is picked up until the time it is delivered. Because of that, it might be difficult to pinpoint exactly when mail goes missing, making it hard for federal prosecutors to prove the claims made against these California postal workers beyond a reasonable doubt -- the standard required by the criminal justice system in order to obtain a conviction. In order to make informed decisions regarding their criminal defense, these defendants may seek the advice of an attorney with experience with such charges.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Feds Charge Dozens of Southern California Postal Workers", Jason Kandel, Aug. 29, 2016

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