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Woman accused of drunk driving following California crash

It is sometimes easy for police to make assumptions about car accidents that occur under certain circumstances. For example, when a driver has an accident during the early morning hours, officers may assume that the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time. However, such assumptions are insufficient to meet the burden of proof required by a criminal court for a conviction of charges. One young lady in California may be set to fight against drunk driving allegations that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time of a car accident that sent six people, including two police officers, to the hospital.

Multiple California officers suspected of sex crimes

As part of their job responsibilities, police officers come into contact with a variety of different people every day. Unfortunately, they can also become the target of criminal accusations. For example, two police officers in California were recently arrested on criminal charges, one accused of sex crimes due to his alleged relationship with a teenager.

California woman accused of drunk driving after crash

The vast majority of older drivers are safety minded, concerned about ensuring that they and everyone in their vicinity are free from harm. Despite this focus, accidents can still happen for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, authorities in California have accused an elderly woman of drunk driving after an accident that involved a teenager and a toddler.

33 postal workers likely pondering criminal defense after arrests

Millions of Americans across the country depend on postal workers to pick up and deliver important mail everyday. Unfortunately, federal prosecutors in California claim that some postal workers have committed crimes related to their jobs. In fact, over 30 people have recently been charged with federal crimes and are likely wondering what decisions they should make in regards to their criminal defense.

Life or death: Voters to decide

As if deciding a presidential election this fall were not enough, California voters are in a unique and highly unprecedented position to choose life or death. No, this is not an abortion debate. This is about condemned prisoners--will executions begin again? Or will they end forever?

Drunk driving suspected after California car accident

The loss of a life is always tragic, especially when it is a child who passes away. Because of the strong emotions connected with the loss of a young life, those believed to have played a role in the incident may automatically be assumed to be guilty, regardless of the circumstances. One California man may have to work to ensure fair treatment after he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving following a fatal car accident.

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