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Prison warden arrested following accusations of sex crimes

A person's memory often works in surprising ways. As time passes, memories become fuzzy and less accurate. Despite the lack of reliability of memories, one man in California has recently been arrested, accused of sex crimes that allegedly happened approximately two decades before the accusations were made.

California woman indicted on drug charges

Authorities are facing an added enemy in the war on drugs, having recently turned their attention to fentanyl, one of the most powerful painkillers used for medical treatment. Unfortunately, a California county has seen 52 overdoses, 12 of which were fatal, in a short period of time. As a result, authorities are likely eager to show progress in the fight against illegal use of the drug. In fact, one woman was recently indicted on federal drug charges.

Criminal defense: 4 accused of California kidnapping

An individual person comes into contact with a variety of different people throughout his or her life. Many of these contacts are relatively insignificant, such as the cashier at the grocery store or a landlord who the person writes a check to but may otherwise have few interactions. However, these relationships can be meaningful, especially if a crime occurs; anyone who has come into contact with a victim could be a suspect and investigated regardless of the tenuousness of the relationship. One of the four people accused of kidnapping a woman in California is said to have an unknown relationship with the victim and lived in a building owned by the victim's son. The four people facing charges are likely now left determining how they will proceed with their criminal defense.

Understanding the process of juvenile crimes in California

The vast majority of parents in California have dreams regarding their children's future. Education, careers and families are all normal hopes for one's offspring. Few parents expect that their child will be accused of juvenile crimes, and parents who find themselves confronting such a situation are likely uncertain about the laws and procedures regarding their child's charges and potential outcomes.

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