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California man accused of drunk driving after fiery rescue

There are many types of heroes in California. Perhaps most heroic are those who are willing to place their own lives at risk in order to save another. Police are hailing one man as a hero after he allegedly rescued another man from a burning car. The victim of that fire has since been accused of drunk driving.

2 California men arrested, accused of multiple sex crimes

When police and other authorities expend a great deal of time and resources in a particular area, they are often eager to show that they are making progress. While a desire for justice can be admirable, that eagerness can result in some potential problems, including the violation of the rights of suspects or charges that are not supported by evidence. As a result, two men suspected of sex crimes in California will likely want to examine all details of their case in order to ensure that their rights were not violated and that they receive a fair trial.

Juvenile crimes: 2 arrested for alleged attacks at Trump rally

It is almost impossible to turn on the news or open a newspaper without seeing news about the 2016 presidential election. Even though the election is still months away, people in California and across the country are starting to vehemently support their preferred candidate. Unfortunately, tensions can rise between those with opposing viewpoints. In fact, three teenagers now face accusations of juvenile crimes for their alleged actions at a rally for Donald Trump.

2 California teenagers killed in alleged drunk driving accident

The unexpected loss of a life is always a difficult event with which to cope. However, when young lives are lost, the tragedy seems compounded. Because of the need to better understand why such a loss occurred, many people -- including family members of the deceased, members of the community, police and other authorities -- look for reason in the tragedy. In some cases, this involves finding someone on whom to place blame. For example, a young woman in California has recently been accused of drunk driving after a fatal accident claimed the lives of two teenagers.

California police accuse pregnant woman of drunk driving

Pregnant women often report experiencing odd symptoms. Many could feel disoriented, for example. A representative for the California Highway Patrol claims that one pregnant woman was under the influence of alcohol when she caused an accident that resulted in a fatality. As a result of the alleged drunk driving, the 23-year-old woman has since been arrested.

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