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California criminal defense against assault and battery charges

It is sometimes hard to predict how people will react in certain situations. What might seem like relatively innocuous contact in a crowded bar, for example, could seem like a deliberate attack by another. In some cases, an event can escalate to the point where police become involved, resulting in criminal charges. If you have faced assault and battery charges in California, our attorneys may be able to help with your criminal defense.

While considered two separate charges, assault and battery charges often come together. Assault is the act of causing someone to fear or anticipate a physical attack, while battery is hitting someone or touching him or her in a harmful manner. However, you could be faced with an assault charge and not be charged with battery. Assault charges often come in conjunction with child abuse charges.

Our attorneys have the necessary experience to guide those facing such charges through the criminal process. In some cases, this could involve substance abuse treatment, anger management or another form of counseling program. We will work with you to determine the best course of action to help improve your case and, potentially, your life.

Unfortunately, some people in California find themselves in the unexpected position of being a defendant in a criminal case charged with assault and battery, including domestic assault. The attorneys at Fisher Law Office are willing to help those in such a circumstance with their criminal defense. We are dedicated to fighting for our clients to preserve both their freedom and their reputations while guiding them through what can be a complicated and stressful process.

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