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California doctor faces fraud, drug charges

Doctors often have stressful jobs. They are under pressure from patients to adequately diagnose and treat their elements, often including demands for what can be dangerous painkillers. They are additionally under stress from regulatory agencies monitoring the number of such prescriptions. Unfortunately, one California doctor is now facing fraud and drug charges following a lengthy investigation.

Drunk driving: FedEx driver suspected of DUI following accident

When driving in the early morning hours, there may be additional obstacles to overcome. For example, a person may be fatigued in addition to dealing with reduced visibility caused by lack of daylight. Many drivers who find themselves in such a situation could be suspected of drunk driving or being under the influence of drugs. A FedEx driver in California has recently been charged with DUI following on early morning accident that injured a police officer.

California criminal defense against assault and battery charges

It is sometimes hard to predict how people will react in certain situations. What might seem like relatively innocuous contact in a crowded bar, for example, could seem like a deliberate attack by another. In some cases, an event can escalate to the point where police become involved, resulting in criminal charges. If you have faced assault and battery charges in California, our attorneys may be able to help with your criminal defense.

California woman accused of drunk driving after collision

It is hard to predict how a person will react to a car accident. Even accidents that are relatively minor can cause people to go into a state of shock over the awareness of the potential harm they could have experienced. Unfortunately, this shock could be incorrectly interrupted by emergency personnel who respond to the scene. A woman in California was recently arrested, accused of drunk driving, after police say she was acting as if she was intoxicated following an accident.

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