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Couple in California arrested on sex crimes charges

Those who believe they are the victims of crimes have the right to seek justice. However, those accused of crimes also have certain rights that must be upheld in the pursuit of justice. Unfortunately, when allegations involve sex crimes, it is easy to forget that the accused are presumed innocent until proved otherwise. A couple in California is likely experiencing this firsthand after both were recently arrest.

Erratic behavior results in drug charges in California

Some people want to create an elaborate wedding proposal for their significant other. While some may plan elaborate flash mobs, for example, one man allegedly chose to propose through social media after making what is said to have been a dangerous climb in California. Unfortunately, this attempt turned into a rescue mission and later into an arrest on drug charges when others in the area accused him of behaving erratically.

Man accused of sex crimes following teenager's accusations

Many people in California have made mistakes in their lives. Some of these mistakes have been fairly innocuous, while others resulted in imprisonment. Though a conviction gave them a criminal record for which they will likely be judged for the rest of their lives, many people turned their lives around. Regardless of these changes, there will still be people who assume that a person convicted of a crime will commit another crime simply because of his or her past history. One man who was previously arrested for sex crimes has recently been arrested again following the accusations of a teenager.

California man likely planning criminal defense following arrest

There is probably not a single driver in California who has not found him or herself drifting onto the shoulder of the road at one time or another. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including a slight miscalculation of a curb or moment of distraction. While usually a harmless incident, police claim that such an action recently led to two fatalities. The driver of the car that allegedly drifted onto the shoulder has since been arrested and may be considering his criminal defense options.

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