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Probation leads to incarceration for many juveniles

California parents may be shocked to learn that some alternative ways to rehabilitate troubled youth may actually lead to juvenile hall. For example, some courts have put kids on probation in an effort to keep them out of juvenile hall. However, the conditions that juveniles must adhere to are often so strict that they end up being incarcerated.

One 18-year-old was found to be guilty of stealing a pair of shoes when he was 15. He was placed on probation as an alternative for being incarcerated. However, the court included nearly two dozen conditions that were part of his probation sentence, which included attending classes regularly, good behavior and being of good citizenship. Many of the conditions are said to be subjective.

Probation violations were found to be the number one reason kids were incarcerated in 2014 in Yolo County, California. Ultimately, it does not appear that alternative sentences are working in terms of rehabilitating kids. Juveniles that end up in the system are more likely to drop out of school or be involved in the criminal justice system as an adult.

When a juvenile becomes involved in the criminal justice system, it can be very difficult for them to get back on the right track due to the conditions that they must follow. Depending on the case, a criminal defense attorney may defend their client by providing proof that the accused juvenile was not involved in the alleged crime or that there was not enough proof on behalf of the prosecutors. In other cases, the defense may negotiate an alternative sentence to probation or incarceration at juvenile hall.

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