Guarding The Welfare Of Minors Facing Charges

An accusation of criminal behavior is a very serious matter for a child under the age of 18. Entering the juvenile system can be intimidating and frightening, but when juvenile justice is administered properly, it can help minors overcome the issues that got them in trouble in the first place.

The attorney at Fisher Law Office advocates for children who are accused of juvenile offenses. If you or your child is facing charges, don't hesitate to call to schedule a free initial consultation at our offices in San Luis Obispo.

Guiding Your Family Through The Juvenile Justice System

When a child under the age of 18 is accused of any offense that could be charged as a crime against an adult, that accusation is dealt with in juvenile court. This includes youth-oriented charges like minor in possession as well as standard criminal charges like assault or a drug charge.

We have years of experience defending clients in California and specific knowledge of the unique aspects of the juvenile justice system, in which there is no jury and the judge is given greater discretion in rendering judgments.

The juvenile courts are required to consider the welfare and psychological condition of the defendant. On the other hand, once a child has been convicted of a juvenile offense, probation officers generally have wide supervision over that child until he or she turns 18.

Juvenile cases tend to take more time and attention than adult cases, and we make sure to look at the big picture and make ourselves available throughout the process. We consider accepting a juvenile delinquency case to be a long-term commitment to the welfare of the child.

Opposing Efforts To Try Children As Adults

In some cases in California, when juveniles are accused of very serious offenses - such as major assault charges, sex charges and gang-related charges - the prosecutor will attempt to have the child tried as an adult by requesting that the juvenile judge transfer the case to an adult criminal court.

We will vigorously oppose any attempt to try you or your child as an adult, reminding the judge that our state has decided to treat people under 18 differently.

Take Action

If your family is dealing with juvenile offense charges of any type, contact us to discuss your options with an experienced juvenile justice lawyer.