Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record

Maybe you are applying for a job and do not want a criminal conviction from many years ago to hurt your chances. Maybe you are in the U.S. on a visa or green card and trying to obtain citizenship, but first you need to clear up your criminal record. Maybe you were convicted of a juvenile offense, and even though these records are confidential, you are uncertain about who has access to them.

People with criminal records have many legitimate reasons for pursuing expungement, and California law creates a means for removing past convictions from your record.

The attorney at Fisher Law Office is experienced in criminal defense cases that throughout California and can help clients pursue expungement and sealing of their criminal records. Call our offices in San Luis Obispo to schedule a free initial consultation about your expungement request.

Preventing Past Convictions From Haunting Your Future

Once the expungement is completed and the criminal charges against you have been dismissed, you are under no obligation to report your prior conviction on job applications, except for certain specific jobs like teaching or law enforcement.

In California, there are several steps to the expungement process and an experienced and seasoned attorney can help you fully understand the procedures involved. A criminal conviction on your record can hamper your ability to obtain employment, secure certain educational loans and effectively move on with your life. Find out more about your legal options concerning record sealing and the expungement process.

Helping You Move Forward

We have a very positive track record with expungement cases. Except when certain very serious crimes are involved, the local judges and prosecutors will generally respond to a well-presented argument for record sealing.

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