Skilled Counsel On Child Protection Issues

No relationship is closer or more vital than between a parent and a child. Parenting raises many challenges, and each parent deals with these challenges in his or her own way. Unfortunately, in some cases, serious enough problems arise - or serious allegations are made - and child protective services (CPS) steps in.

At Fisher Law Office, our attorney is experienced and compassionate toward parents facing removal of their children from their homes by child protective services. If you are accused of child abuse or child neglect, call for a free initial consultation about what we can do to help you.

Keeping Your Family Together

The child protective services department can remove children from their parents' care based on allegations of abuse or neglect. Actions that cause harm to the child are generally considered types of abuse or neglect.

Common allegations include assault and battery by a member of the household or frequent visitor (including a stepparent, boyfriend or girlfriend of the child's parent); drug use by a parent, which is seen as influencing potential drug use by the child; and child molestation.

CPS has more power than most people think. Generally, our approach is not to legally challenge the powers of the department but rather to be your advocate in demonstrating why your children should be returned to your home.

If the allegations being made by CPS are untrue, we will work with you to demonstrate why that is the case. We will also collect and show evidence of the efforts you are making to be a good parent and to learn problem-solving techniques. If the problem is being caused by someone else within your household, we will discuss your options for dealing with that situation.

Getting You The Help You Need

Having a child taken into the custody of child protective services is an emotionally heart-wrenching situation. We are sensitive to the vulnerability and anger you must feel at this time. We have contact with counselors and others who are available to help parents going through the ordeal of a CPS action.

If child protective services has disrupted your household and taken your child or children away, don't hesitate to contact us to get the knowledgeable legal assistance and personal attention you need at this difficult time from an experienced California attorney.