Fight Domestic Violence Charges And Keep Your Life Together

The consequences of domestic violence charges are numerous. When you're charged with a domestic violence crime, you are worried about going to jail, losing your job, being banned from contacting your loved ones, having your children taken away from you, being prohibited from owning firearms, and having a domestic violence conviction on your record.

At Fisher Law Office, in San Luis Obispo, we have years of experience fighting domestic violence charges. We know how these kinds of criminal charges can cause your life to fall apart and we are determined to prevent that from happening.

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What Effect Will This Have On My Family?

When you are charged with a domestic violence crime, the district attorney will usually try to get an order from the court preventing you from having contact with your loved ones. Sometimes, the district attorney will seek such an order even when your loved ones don't want it. It is extremely heart-wrenching to have strangers in the courts tell you that you cannot have contact with those you love and depend on the most in life, especially in such a difficult time. If the court makes the order, you might even have to move out of your house.

We will fight to see that these orders are not granted and we have a successful track record of doing so.

Will I Have To Go To Jail?

When the district attorney charges you with a domestic violence crime, they are almost always seeking to have you serve a jail sentence. A jail sentence can cause a number of problems in your life including loss of a job and housing. We have great success keeping our clients out of jail so they can keep their jobs and homes. The most important thing is that you keep your life from falling apart. We want to help.

How Will A Domestic Violence Conviction Affect My Life?

A domestic violence conviction can bring about a number of negative consequences in your life. Such a conviction on your record can cause you to lose your job, it can prevent you from getting a new job, it can cause you to lose your professional license or prevent you from getting one, it can cause you to lose your right to own or possess a firearm, it can make it extremely difficult to find rental housing, and it can even prevent you from traveling to other countries.

Civil Restraining Order

Often, your significant other will seek a protective order in the civil courts. This is separate from the criminal court's protective order. The rules governing whether a civil protective order should be granted are different from a criminal protective order. If a civil restraining order is granted, you may lose access to your own home, custody of your children, lose your right to own or possess firearms, and you may even be prevented from traveling to other countries. We have a record of beating these requests for civil restraining orders.

Child Protective Services

When domestic violence charges come about, Child Welfare Services might attempt to interfere with your parental rights. We are experienced in Child Welfare Services matters and will fight to get your children back into your arms.

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