Strong Defense When You Are Suspected Of DUI

Police officers are trained to make important judgment calls. Field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests help police officers determine if alcohol consumption has limited a motorist's ability to drive safely. Unfortunately, Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests are not immune to errors.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, contact Fisher Law Office to develop an aggressive defense strategy. Our criminal defense attorney has many years of experience handling drunk driving charges in California. He will act quickly to challenge the subjective nature of field sobriety tests and questionable results from Breathalyzer tests. Call our law firm today for a free initial consultation.

Were You Treated Fairly?

From our law office in San Luis Obispo, we offer an extensive background defending first time and repeat offenders facing DUI/DWI charges. A key part of our defense strategy includes investigating the circumstances behind an arrest to understand if law enforcement followed proper procedures.

As part of our investigation, we will evaluate how you were treated at the time of your arrest. We will fight for a dismissal if any of your constitutional rights were violated. We will also question the dependability of field sobriety tests, known to measure individuals' mental and physical capabilities instead of a driver's blood alcohol content (BAC).

Challenging Questionable Breathalyzer Test Results

Law enforcement depends on Breathalyzers to prosecute motorists suspected of driving over the legal limit. These machines are not perfect. In fact, Breathalyzers are prone to mechanical and human errors. When Breathalyzers are poorly maintained, they fail to properly calibrate.

Maintenance errors could cause an inaccurate depiction of your blood alcohol content while you were driving. Part of our defense strategy includes evaluating reports to understand if the Breathalyzer was maintained properly. The criminal defense attorney at our firm will aggressively fight for a dismissal or reduction in charges if the Breathalyzer calibrations were inaccurate from poor maintenance on the machine. We are also prepared to uncover any evidence to understand if police officers were poorly trained to administer the Breathalyzer. We will evaluate every angle possible to develop an effective defense strategy.

Get The Help You Need

If you are charged with a DUI/DWI, you need a defense attorney who will be your advocate in the courtroom and stand by you as you deal with the broader issues involved in your legal situation. Call for a no-cost initial consultation with an experienced defense lawyer. Or, if you prefer, complete the brief online form.