Strong Defense Against Alcohol-Related Charges

Alcohol is legal, but certain ways of using alcohol can result in criminal troubles. If you've been charged with being drunk in public, or if you're accused of underage drinking, you need to understand all your legal options.

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Challenging Police Claims of Public Drunkenness

Drunk in public, also known as public intoxication, is a criminal charge that can result in criminal penalties. Unlike DUI/DWI cases, the police hardly ever give a breath test to people suspected of being drunk in public. Instead, the legal standard is whether the defendant was a danger to himself or to others.

In most drunk in public cases, it is your word versus that of the police. Your side of the story can be strengthened if we can locate witnesses who do not believe you were a danger to anyone.

Each case is unique. After collecting all available information about your unique circumstances, we may be able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney, and if not, we will offer you skilled advice on all the legal options still remaining.

Were You Charged With Underage Drinking?

If you are under 21 and caught with alcohol, you can be charged with minor in possession (MIP). If you are under 18, this charge will likely be brought against you as a juvenile offense. We have extensive experience with this underage drinking charge.

If you are accused of using a fake ID to buy alcohol, you may be dealing with both criminal charges and consequences that affect your driver's license. One possible option for both MIP and fake ID charges is to get you into a diversion program, where you can attend classes and eventually get your license back and the charges dismissed.

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