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California woman faces drunk driving charges related to accident

A woman has been placed under arrest in relation to a motor vehicle accident. She has been charged with felony drunk driving after police found her vehicle crashed and both her and her passenger injured. The prosecuting attorney will need to prove the woman, a California resident, was intoxicated at the time of the accident in order to convict her on the charges. 

The California Highway Patrol confirmed Monday, Oct. 16 that the woman had been charged as a result of the accident that occurred a week prior. The woman and her passenger were both ejected from the vehicle as a result of the crash and the fact that they were allegedly not wearing seat belts. Authorities responding to the scene found beer cans and a beer box inside the crashed vehicle. 

Conspiracy drug charges for accused California man

A man has been charged with conspiracy to sell illegal substances. The individual, a manager at a California company, pleaded not guilty to the charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and methamphetamine as well as possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine. The drug charges are part of an ongoing incident with local city and county police officers also charged in relationship to these crimes. 

The Bakersfield man has been accused of accepting drugs stolen from evidence lockers and processing it for sale, allegedly with the aid of police officers. At least four law enforcement officers have been implicated in the crimes. In another incident, it is alleged that the man transported meth to his office building. Allegedly, after the drugs were dropped off at the building, a co-conspirator would access the building with a key card, remove the drugs, and an envelope filled with cash would be placed in a locked mailbox. 

California jewelers likely preparing a criminal defense

Individuals serving in the military were allegedly targeted by a couple who owned a chain of jewelry stores. The pair, who operate their business in California, were charged with illegal financing and debt collection. After receiving the charges, the two are likely contemplating their options for criminal defense in the face of the charges. 

The California Attorney General has claimed that the two lured military service men and women into purchasing luxury jewelry. Then, the AG alleges, the duo created bogus payment plans using a financing company the wife owned. The husband, who operated the stores, would send customers to his wife, and when the customers were unable to pay, the jewelers pressured the customers, using tactics such as a fake lawyer and employment threats. 

Juvenile crimes with life sentences may get parole in California

In a move designed to emulate a recent Supreme Court ruling, a new policy for young lifers has passed the state Assembly. The legislative body has voted that California inmates sentenced to life in prison without parole for juvenile crimes would now be eligible for parole. The measure has not yet passed the Senate.

The relevant Supreme Court decision automatically gives offenders the chance for parole after 25 years in prison. An existing state law allows young offenders to request a hearing to attempt to have their sentences reduced from life to 25 years to life with a chance at parole. Critics of this legislation say it does not require the hearing and that it does not go far enough to protect the youthful offenders. 

Drunk driving and murder charges for California woman

It can be good fun to enjoy a few adult beverages at a party, but the light-hearted evening can become deadly serious if a motor vehicle accident ensues. A California woman is learning exactly this lesson as she faces drunk driving charges stemming from an incident that occurred last year. Unfortunately, her passenger died as a result of a crash, and she is facing serious charges that have been increased to include murder. 

The woman was driving at the location of a country club. She was allegedly leaving the club around 12:30 a.m. when she struck a trailer. The woman, when questioned by police, supposedly said she had about eight beers over the course of the day. She suffered broken bones as a result of the crash. Her passenger, a man, was not so lucky; he suffered serious injuries and died ten days later. 

Teens charged with juvenile crimes in California

Unfortunately when a child is associated with criminal activity it can start a perception about the child that can follow a person for life. When authority figures believe that a child has committed some crime, they are more likely to maintain a negative opinion of the child's personality and abilities. A minor has not fully matured, and should be given the chance to develop so that he or she can become a fully functioning member of society. Recently, two teens were arrested and charged with juvenile crimes following their alleged participation in the robbery of a California convenience store. 

Three individuals were supposedly involved in the robbery. The police report reveals that three masked persons entered the store and allegedly held up the location with a handgun. The suspects were able to access the cash drawer and fled the scene with several hundred dollars on the night of Aug. 29. 

Drunk driving: Rules for DUI tests in California

A viral video in the news has brought the subject of field sobriety tests to forefront of some people's minds. A police officer clashed with a hospital nurse, demanding to test the blood of an unconscious patient who was neither under arrest or the subject of a warrant. The nurse held her ground, repeating hospital policy, and the incident ended when the police officer forcefully arrested her. So, what are the rules for tests in California when a person is suspected of drunk driving

In California, the law for drug testing relies on implied consent. If a person holds a California driver's license, then they agreed in writing to consent to a blood, breath, or urine test if the individual is under lawful arrest for a DUI. Even if the person is unconscious or dead, the consent has been agreed to previously, and the consent is implied. 

California private school teacher faces drug charges

One woman is defending herself after being apprehended by police. The criminal accusations include drug charges and identity theft. The California school teacher has found herself entangled in a drug bust that may endanger her employment. 

A special investigation resulted in one woman being arrested at her apartment on Friday, Aug. 25 after an earlier incident during which authorities searched her house. The 36-year-old was reportedly selling heroin in her neighborhood, and authorities tracked her down. The initial search supposedly revealed that she had methadone and an ID that did not belong to her in her possession. She was not arrested during the first incident, apparently so that the authorities could continue to investigate.

Drunk driving charges for California man found in car

A lengthy history of prior charges may make it more difficult for one man to defend his case. In a recent incident in California, a man was arrested for drunk driving when he was allegedly found passed out in his car. The charges follow a series of similar court cases for the man. The August 15 incident was covered in a recent news article that offered only a few details about the man and the arrest. 

On Tuesday, August 15, authorities responded to a Costa Mesa highway after receiving reports than a man was swerving across lanes of traffic. The man swerved across freeway lanes and then entered city streets. Police later found the man, who is 29 years old, asleep in his car.

Supervisor approval part of food director's criminal defense

A health food advocate faces charges of embezzlement and mishandling of funds after allegations that he used school money to line his own pockets. He claims that he did not misuse the funds, and that the allocation of the money was approved by his supervisors on the school food services team. The man, previously lauded as a champion of healthy food in California schools, is now preparing his criminal defense

The man was appointed to the school food services commission as part of his efforts to bring low-fat, healthy lunches to school children. He was able to successfully negotiate contracts with major food corporations to bring more vegetarian and healthy food choices. He was applauded for his work and received media acclaim, even giving TED talks about his mission.

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